Wednesday, 26 March 2008

free jokes website

i have created a free jokes website
This free jokes website was created more or less by accident.
I created a very basic website just to get the feel of web design.
Then once i had the basics of the page layout i really didnt know what to put into the content.
It was then that i came up with putting free jokes onto my website as i really didnt have another topic i could think of at the time.

The good thing about having a free jokes website is that, i like just about everyone with a mobile phone or an email address gets sent free jokes after free jokes all the time.
So i will never be short of content for my free jokes website.

I have divided up my free jokes into catogories.
You will find free funny cartoons. Most of the cartoons are pretty safe BUT some are for adult humour only.

There is a section on my free jokes website that is dedicated to adult jokes.
Some people may find some of the free jokes in my adult jokes section a bit too risky.
There for i have placed a warning on the first page of the adult jokes section stating that some of the free jokes in this section are infact adult jokes and some may call even sick jokes.

The fact of the matter is to me a joke is a joke so if sick jokes or adult jokes are not your cup of tea then you have been warned not to go to the adult jokes section of my free jokes website

Other sections on my free jokes website are
Blonde jokes, i know some people are politically correct and say we shouldnt do blonde jokes but as far as i am concerned all topics are valid when it comes to free jokes.
has lots of picture jokes, funny pictures, funny pics, naughty picture jokes,
Most of the Picture jokes are safe and should be able to be viewed by most people without offence.

I have also put on links to online joke shops. These links are to joke shops that sell all the traditional jokes.
This online joke shop sells practical jokes,
you can buy on line fancy dress costumes,
wigs can be bought online in these joke shops,
Everything you need for a fancy dress party can be found here.

There are also links to things about magic tricks.
Books on how to learn magic tricks.
Items for you to learn card tricks.

You will also find links to buy online joke books.
I have placed enough links so even the most avid joke book collector will find something he wants

So if you are looking for

  1. Free paddy jokes

  2. Free Irish jokes

  3. free picture jokes

  4. free funny pictures

  5. free naughty funny pictures

  6. free blonde jokes

  7. free adult jokes

  8. free sick jokes

  9. free cartoons

  10. free funny cartoons
Just about every kind of free jokes you need to brighten up your day.
There is also a joke of the day that updates daily so you can keep checking back for your free jokes every day.