Tuesday, 12 December 2017

15 Pages of Free Chav Jokes

I have been busy creating and up loading hundreds of free adult jokes to my website http://www.myfreejokes.co.uk/index.html

For the past 2 days I have slaved over a hot keyboard to bring you the best in free chav jokes.
15 pages so far have been added to my website.
Although this section of the site is under the category of CHAV JOKES it also includes jokes and funny pictures about Pikeys and Scouser as, well lets face it they are really the same thing.

I am having trouble at the moment getting my website to show up on  the search engines at any page that is really any good.
Even  though my site is free and you can take any of the jokes you like if you cant find the site then is might as well not be there and I am wasting my time.
Having said that I do like creating the site and putting on all the jokes and funny pictures as I thing people like to have a good laugh and will enjoy the site once they  find it.

Before the site was taken down around 5 years ago it had a good number or visitors and it was worth all my effort putting up all the new jokes and funny pictures so I really hope I can get it ranking again just so I don't feel like I have wasted my time.

So for the best Free Adult Joke please visit my site

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