Thursday, 22 February 2018

5 of the best Blonde Jokes.

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Dumb Blonde on a rope joke 1
There were five dumb blondes and one brunette holding onto a rope off the edge of a cliff.
But their rope could only bear the weight of of five people.
The brunette said Save yourselves. I'll let go.
Impressed by her sacrifice, all of the blondes clapped

Blonde Joke 2
Q: How do you make a blonde laugh on Saturday?
A: Tell her joke on Wednesday.

Blonde Joke 3
Q: What's a blonde and a postage stamp got in common.
A: Lick Em, Stick Em, Send Em

Blonde Joke 4
Q: How can you tell if a blonde has been on the computer?
A: There is tipex on the screen.

Blonde Joke 5
Q: What do you call a blonde in an college for higher      learning?
A: A visitor.


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