Sunday, 4 March 2018

Donald Trump Reads My Free Dumb Blonde Jokes.

President of the USA reads Best Free Dumb Blonde Jokes.
As Donald Trump the president of the united states climbs aboard airforce 1 he logs on to his private internet and clicks on . as he flies round the world telling people what to do and what ever it is politicians get up to he always read My free Dumb Blonde jokes. You can hear him laughing out loud as he flies over the world. What he does not realize is that all the jokes about Dumb Blondes are about him. ( this is not true - some are about Boris Johnson - this is not true either. )
So if Donald Trump really does read my free adult jokes website here are 5 more of the Greatest Free Dumb Blonde Jokes.

Free Dumb Blonde Joke 1:
The dumb blonde who sat on the tv and watched the couch 

Free Dumb Blonde Joke 2:
The dumb blonde who sent me a fax with a stamp on it 

Free Dumb Blonde Joke 3
:heard about the dumb blonde who tried to drown a fish 

Free Dumb Blonde Joke 4
A blonde asks a bypasser
Excuse me, would you tell me where the other side of the road is?
It's on the other side.
Strange.. When I was on the other side, people told me it's here

Free Dumb Blonde Joke 5
Q: What does a dumb blonde say when she gives birth?
A: Gee, Are you sure it's mine?

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