Monday, 5 March 2018

Sky Team cheat on free blonde jokes.

so the sky team and Bradley Wiggins have been caught cheating by reading my free dumb blonde jokes. the bbc claim that Bradley was so fired up after reading the best free adult jokes that no one could catch up with his bike ( this is all lies it was me in a Bradley Wiggins costume )

A long but great free dumb blonde joke..P4

A Dumb Blonde walked into a hairdresser's with a pair of headphones on and asked the hairdresser for a haircut - but "don't touch the headphones o.k.?" "Fine" said the hairdresser - a little taken aback - but happy for the work. Three weeks later, the same blonde returned and asked for another haircut but with the same condition:
"Whatever you do ... don't touch the headphones"

"No problem" said the hairdresser who went on to give her another good cut, considering the restraint.
Three weeks later, the same thing happened "and don't forget - don't touch the headphones" said the blonde.
Well, just as the hairdresser was finished, she couldn't resist and she just lifted one side of the headphones up. The blonde promptly fell stone dead on the floor of the shop. "Oh my God - I think I've killed her" screamed the hairdresser.

She picked up the headphones and put them on herself. She heard the strangest thing... "breathe in… breathe out... breathe in… breathe out.

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